Privacy Policy

Information We Collect & How We Use It

Stash Binder collects your email address, a display name, and any stash or project information that you choose to upload and/or share to the site. Stash Binder may also collect usage data, such as your IP address and what pages you visit in order to make your experience better.

We do not sell this information or use it for advertising. This site is currently non-revenue generating.

Public Data

Currently our site does share any of your data publicly. In the future, with community projects, Stash Binder plans on sharing whatever voluntary projects you submit with other users who have logged in to Stash Binder.

Data Storage

Stash Binder will make a reasonable effort to keep your data secure. We require that you setup a username and password to login so that your non-community data remains private. You are responsible for keeping this password private from others to mitigate unwanted access to your account.

This is not a guarantee of complete data protection. We will do our best to keep your data safe, but use this site at your own risk.


Stash Binder will not send you promotional emails without your consent. We may, however, send you emails to help you use the site (password resets, email confirmation, etc). We may also send you an email if this privacy policy is updated.

Changes to this Policy

This policy is subject to change, from time to time. If this policy changes in any significant way, you will be notified, either through email or on stashbinder.com that our privacy policy is changing.


Feel free to send any questions to stashbinder@gmail.com.

Hope you enjoy the site!

  • Mrs. L